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Tulane to Big East: This is actually happening

The Big East needs a team to replace Rutgers, if it wants to maintain its current number of football schools. Tulane plays football! Perfect! This means we get to make Big East-to-Big Easy jokes, too.

Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

Tulane is going to the Big East. You did not expect to read that this morning, but that's what's happening. The news was first reported by Scott Kushner, and has since been confirmed by virtually everyone, including the Big East itself.

Adding Tulane would give the Big East another major media market and a school with a good academic reputation, but nothing in the way of serious sports success (football has been to two bowls since 1987, and basketball hasn't made the NCAA Tournament since 1995). It would also add yet another mark on the very broad map that is the future Big East, expanding the whole thing even further away from the Northeastern basketball cluster it was born as.

With the ACC apparently looking to snag either UConn or Louisville, would adding Tulane be the best thing the Big East could do? It would certainly be a continuation of their current strategy, but is it a strategy to stick with?

Let's round up some reaction!

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