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Mark Mangino sought by Colorado and Purdue, according to reports

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Former Kansas Jayhawks head coach Mark Mangino could make a return to the sidelines at Colorado, according to a report.


Update: Purdue, too.

Former Kansas Jayhawks head coach Mark Mangino could return to the sidelines at Colorado, based on a report from Tom Deinhart of the Big Ten Network. According to Deinhart, Mangino and Colorado have met already and a second meeting between the two parties is in the works.

Ralphie Report: Colorado coaching search

In seven years with the Jayhawks, Mangino was able to take a program that went 2-10 in his first season and lead them to heights rarely seen in Lawrence. Mangino led Kansas to a 50-48 record while at Kansas and led the Jayhawks to four bowls, winning three of them.

Mangino's best season with Kansas was in 2007, when the Jayhawks went 12-1 and finished the season with a victory over the Virginia Tech Hokies in the Orange Bowl.

Mangino was let go in 2009 after an internal investigation that showed that he verbally abused his players repeatedly. After a barrage of negative articles from the national media, Mangino and the Kansas administration agreed to a buyout and Mangino resigned in December of that year.

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