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Bobby Petrino not a Colorado candidate, says athletic director

Colorado's athletic director has strongly denied a report that Bobby Petrino's up for the Buffs.

Streeter Lecka

Even a Colorado football program reportedly interested in hiring Mark Mangino has lines it won't cross. That's not a fair appraisal of the situation here, but it sure felt neat to say. First, the report:

That was immediately denied by the man doing the hiring, and denied in about the most declarative fashion possible:

Colorado already gave itself a public relations wound with its firing of Jon Embree, which included the former Buffs tight end and former coach Bill McCartney essentially accusing the school of cutting Embree loose too early due to his race. Hiring Petrino (or Mangino!) would not help this at all, to say the least.

If a school wants to give Petrino a ... [/counts on fingers] ... another chance, then go for it. Auburn's reportedly very interested, and it's hard to imagine somebody won't go for the former Arkansas coach.

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