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Auburn coaching search delivers FlightAware Trackers of the Year award

Flight-tracking becomes a high art during college football coaching season, and nobody's more devoted to it than SEC fans.

If I make a billion dollars, I'm gonna buy a private plane just to fly from college town to college town every November in hopes of catching a desperate message board's eye (message boards have eyes).

If that's what somebody's done here, in making it appear that someone from Auburn is flying to interview Boise State's Chris Petersen after visiting Arkansas State's Gus Malzahn and TCU's Gary Patterson, then kudos abound. And if Auburn fans figured out exactly who Auburn's interviewing thanks to FlightAware, then kudos there too.

Patterson and Malzahn are indeed on Auburn's reported list of candidates, and Petersen's on everybody's reported anything ever.

However, Bobby Petrino hails from Montana, near Boise. Might the flight to Idaho be a clever way to go visit the former Arkansas coach? I just speculated about speculation and am now going to take a shower.

Wait, no: Boise State to the SEC. There we go.

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