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Pitt vs. ND: Pass interference is in fact a pass but not much of interference

There are good calls and bad calls. This was a bad call.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Notre Dame is hoping to get a break or two to retake control of its game against Pitt, and the Fighting Irish sure got one early in the fourth quarter, leading to a TJ Jones touchdown. ND missed the extra point and still trails Pittsburgh, 20-12, with nine minutes to play.

This penalty call can't even be called suspect at best; it's just outright wrong.


The Fighting Irish have played much better ball offensively in the second half since Brian Kelly decided to put Everett Golson back in the game, with the freshman quarterback using his legs to extend drives and make a few plays. But if the Irish are going to keep their BCS hopes alive, they'll need the youngster to make a few more.

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