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Michigan State-Nebraska: Spartans players blame officiating for loss

Nebraska was the beneficiary of at least two questionable calls that shaped the outcome of their win over Michigan State. The first was a penalty that wiped out a touchdown on an interception return. The second, a pass interference call that kept the eventual game-winning drive alive. Here's Le'Veon Bell directly blaming the referees for the outcome of the game.

Here's safety R.J. Williamson commenting that the timing of the pass interference call was questionable, at best.

And here's Lawrence Thomas, not mincing words at all. If we know Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio at all, we know he won't like his players publicly commenting like this, but this is the beauty of social media. We get to see reactions like this real time and unfiltered.

And there's more:

This one was deleted right about the same time Bell took everything down.