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Texas A&M no longer to Capital One Bowl, according to reports

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The Aggies are headed to Florida for the Capital One Bowl, according to a report.

Ronald Martinez

Update: This has reportedly changed. Georgia is now widely projected to the Capital One.

No. 9 Texas A&M enjoyed a heck of successful season in the program's first year in the SEC, finishing 10-2 while having a magical freshman quarterback take the Heisman Trophy race by storm. Now the Aggies are headed to the Capital One Bowl, according Brett McMurphy of ESPN, although the announcement will not be official until Sunday.

A&M had been discussed as a possibility for the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, although now it's apparent that possibility won't happen. The Aggies could face No. 19 Michigan, who'd be the No. 2 pick from the Big Ten.

The Aggies began the season in disappointing fashion with a 20-17 loss to the Florida Gators in the first game of the year. A five-game winning streak ended with a crushing 24-19 loss to No. 6 LSU, a loss that seemed to give the Aggies more than enough motivation to finish the season on a high note. Texas A&M ended the season on a five-game winning streak that included a 29-24 win over No. 1 Alabama and 38-13 victory over No. 15 Mississippi State.

The Capital One Bowl, played at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando Florida, will be held on Jan. 1, 2013.