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Oklahoma-Nebraska Rose Bowl? Let's do it for Barry Switzer

Oklahoma and Nebraska broke off one of college football's most historic rivalries when the Huskers left for the Big Ten. They might play a decade after they split, but the Rose Bowl could hurry up the reunion a little.

Stephen Dunn

For Barry Switzer's sake, we can hope the Rose Bowl gets Nebraska as its Big Ten auto-entry. We can also hope it gets to pick outside the Pac-12 due to Oregon making the national title game, thereby allowing it to take Oklahoma and setting up the 87th meeting between the two rivals, and only the second ever in a bowl game. Or we can hope for something else, I'm not the boss here.

It's not that Switzer won't be around if they end up playing anyway in nine years. It's that he'll be too busy to watch, having parlayed his Texas Longhorns turnaround into another gig with the Cowboys (who will have just lost Nick Saban to the Texas Longhorns).

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