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Shutdown Fullback BOWLMAGEDDON: 36 videos for 35 bowl games, all in one playlist!

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The world's only college football show becomes the first-ever show to create approximately 37 videos about 35 bowl games. This is not just a New Mexico Bowl preview, you see. It's a playlist. Not 36 videos about the New Mexico Bowl. We did all of them. The New Mexico Bowl, plus all the others. They're all right here, in succession.

From the Buffalo Wild Wings punt duel to New Mexico champagne trampoline to the Meineke Cat Care Bowl to gambling on Chris Petersen taking the Arkansas job to original contributions from such internet heroes as Catlab itself, it's the Shutdown Fullback bowl game preview marathon.

Special thanks to guests Jon Bois, Dan Rubenstein, Spilly, Catlab and Pat Narduzzi, among others. Pat Narduzzi's not in this!

We love you all.

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