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Syracuse suspends Adonis Ameen-Moore and Max Beaulieu for Pinstripe Bowl

Syracuse announced that it has officially suspended offensive players Adonis Ameen-Moore and Max Beaulieu for the 2012 Pinstripe Bowl.

Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

Set to face West Virginia in the New Era Pinstripe Bowl on Saturday, the Syracuse Orange have suspended running back Adonis Ameen-Moore and tight end Max Beaulieu, according to a report by Nolan Weidner of The Post-Standard.

Both players were tabbed in a news release citing a violation of team rules, although it's still unclear why each player was suspended. To Syracuse head coach Doug Marrone, though, the situation represents yet another unwanted headache for the program roughly three weeks after team members Marquis Spruill and Steve Rene were each arrested by Syracuse police.

A 5'10, 244-pound tailback from Denver, Ameen-Moore picked up five rushing touchdowns on 30 attempts during the regular season as a valuable goal-line back. He finished off his sophomore campaign with 57 yards rushing and a pair of scores to drop Temple in his team's season finale, but will not have the opportunity to square off against a West Virginia defense that ranks among the worst in college football come Saturday.

While the loss of Ameen-Moore could certainly make an impact, Syracuse will hardly miss not having the services of the 6'3 Beaulieu, a junior tight end who has yet to catch a collegiate pass. Beaulieu switched to offense after entering college as a promising defensive line prospect, but is now one of a handful of Syracuse players to be ruled out of postseason play.