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USC 'more than 90 minutes late' to Sun Bowl dinner, so Georgia Tech leaves

Lane Kiffin and Paul Johnson interacting with each other would've been a treat too wonderful to comprehend, but their not interacting is even more fitting.


Update: USC was actually more than 90 minutes late, but reportedly let the Sun Bowl know about the delay. Also worth nothing: the several tweets by USC players disparaging the El Paso trip.

This had to be really deflating for Georgia Tech. Maybe the restaurant recently changed its number? Tough to see the Trojans duck an opponent. Guess you don't feel like seeing the sights of El Paso when you see L.A. every day. If I was the Sun Bowl people, I wouldn't stanford this kind of behavior. Punfinished business! Definitely forgetting some teams USC lost to.

So what the Trojans up to that was so important? Oh, here we are:

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