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San Jose State punter loses his mind, apparently knocks himself out of game

I don't even know.


Would you like to watch a punter throw a fit? Probably not. How about a punter who's really mad about not receiving a penalty flag after being grazed while punting? No. How about a punter who complained so hard to the refs that he hurt his ribs and is currently sitting on the bench, apparently unable to play?

I don't know if that's exactly what happened to San Jose State's Harrison Waid in the Military Bowl, but that's what ESPN's broadcast is calling it, at least. Above is just a portion of his freakout -- it went on and on and on for a while.

SJSU currently ranks No. 38 in the country in punting. No Spartans besides Waid booted a punt this year. Ramifications are massive.

The Spartans currently lead Bowling Green, 7-0.

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