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Oregon State fails to call timeout at end of Alamo Bowl first half: What happened?



Oregon State had a chance to add three more points to their 20-10 Alamo Bowl lead over Texas going into halftime. Cody Vaz and Brandin Cooks appeared to connect for a first down, which should've halted the clock with five or six ticks remaining, plenty of time for the Beavers to line up and clock the ball.

Instead, the clock kept running, and by the time Vaz spiked it, the half had ended.

When asked by ESPN what happened there, OSU coach Mike Riley said he was told his team had achieved a first down. The box score shows that play as a 4th and 1, however, and the clock was still running either way.

Also worth noting Mike Riley had a timeout remaining there, and might as well have used it no matter what, thereby avoiding the ... risk of a bad snap while trying to clock it, I guess.

Many, many things went wrong here. It looks like a first down to me, but probably should've been reviewed. Oregon State should've called a timeout. Other things probably also went wrong.

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