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Butch Jones to Colorado, Purdue or Cincinnati? Let Google Images make the choice

Here's a gallery of every available coaching job according to Google Images, which is the only tool you really need to use before taking a new job in a new city.

Everything you need to know about Cincinnati is right here.
Everything you need to know about Cincinnati is right here.
Google Images

It's easy to see why Cincinnati's Butch Jones is a hot coaching target. He took Central Michigan to four of its six all-time bowl bids before quite possibly winning 10 games in back-to-back years at Cincy.

According to reports far and near (here's one from, Jones will make a decision Tuesday whether he'll stay at Cincinnati or leave for Colorado or Purdue (though there's one report that Purdue's out). He's visited the latter two over the past two days, with both trips chronicled by the West Lafayette side and the Boulder side.

Without further ado, here's what each open FBS coaching job looks like, according to the first page of Google Images (click the arrows, you see):

Both sides have plenty to offer. Big Ten money surpasses the money any other conference can offer, and the Boilermakers also don't have this athletic department. Plus, Jones is a midwest guy, having lived in the region all of his readily documented life.

But he should probably just go by Google Images.

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