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Mike Gundy won't take Tennessee job, according to report

Mike Gundy, who was also considered for the coaching position at Arkansas, has been offered a job at Tennessee. But will Gundy leave his alma mater?

Christian Petersen

Update: Jimmy Hyams says no Mike Gundy for Tennessee.

The Tennessee Volunteers have reportedly offered their head coaching job to Mike Gundy, according to Bruce Feldman of CBS. Gundy was one of three who interviewed for the job, in addition to Louisville's Charlie Strong and UNC's Larry Fedora, the latter of which was first reported by SB Nation. Gundy was also considered for the open position at Arkansas.

This obviously has ramifications for multiple schools. Rocky Top Talk compared the resumes of all three coaches, while Tar Heel Blog lays out what this means for UNC.

Mike Gundy has been the head coach at Oklahoma State since 2005, but he and athletic director Mike Holder have allegedly been dealing with a fractured relationship. Many suspected that Gundy's dissatisfaction with the OSU AD would be enough to drive the coach to take another job. More than a decade ago, it was Holder who suggested that Gundy could someday be the team's head coach.

Before becoming the head coach at Oklahoma State, Gundy played quarterback for the Cowboys from 1986 to '89, setting many school records. After graduating, he became an assistant coach at OSU. From 1996 to 2000, Gundy worked as an assistant at Baylor and Maryland, but he then returned to Oklahoma State as offensive coordinator in 2001.

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