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Big Ten survey time: Tell Jim Delany to keep Leaders and Legends

Because some traditions are just too good to get thrown out at the drop of a hat. Come on, Internet. Show the realignment tycoons what you've got.

When you have something worth defending, you defend it with all your muscle.

And that thing right now is the Big Ten's traditional division names, Leaders and Legends.

Some, mostly people stumbling through the South's underfunded public schools, say they're confusing division names.

I say they've been around forever and should remain that way, no matter which direction the realignment wind blows.

You can take a survey at the Big Ten Network's website right now on how the Big Ten should align its divisions once it onboards traditional Big Ten rivals Maryland and Rutgers.

You can also recommend the Big Ten move to its traditional 10 conference football games per season.

You can also insist geography is the least important and least traditional quality of football divisions.

You can do a lot of traditional things.

But please, above all else, fight for traditional Big Ten division names Leaders and Legends.

I know you'll do the right thing.

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