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Texas Tech potential candidates list, now that Tommy Tuberville is gone

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Texas Tech suddenly finds itself hurled into the coaching carousel, with Tommy Tuberville off to replace Butch Jones at Cincinnati.

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Tommy Tuberville is leaving Texas Tech for Cincinnati. It's not a surprise that he's leaving, as SB Nation has been told my multiple sources that he's wanted out of Lubbock, but his destination is certainly a surprise. Tennessee got a successful Big East coach, while Cincinnati replaced that coach with a successful SEC coach. Life is strange.

So, time to talk replacements for Texas Tech.

The first names that come to mind are Sonny Dykes, who just took the Cal job, and Kliff Kingsbury, Texas A&M offensive coordinator. Dykes is the son of Red Raiders coaching legend Spike Dykes, while Kingsbury first made his name as a Mike Leach quarterback in Lubbock. Gotta think Dykes is off the table, while the young Kingsbury's gotta be all ears right now.

Other thoughts:

Also, speaking of Petrino:

Nothing would be awkward about that at all. Petrino once famously conspired to take Tuberville's Auburn job after serving as Tuberville's offensive coordinator, in the episode popularly dubbed Planegate.

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