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Georgia Southern votes for potential FBS move

Georgia Southern students voted for a $75 student fee for a potential football move from the FCS to the FBS.

Mike Zarrilli - Getty Images

Georgia Southern students seem ready to make a move up from the FCS to the FBS, as they voted for approval of a $75 student fee increase to their current student fees. Of the 9,390 votes, 61.2 percent of the vote (or 5,748 voters) said yes, while 38.8 percent of the vote (3,642 voters) said no.

This is the first step toward FBS membership. Next up, the University will send the proposed fee agreement to the Georgia Board of Regents for review and consideration. Approval will mean the expansion and sustainability fee goes into effect next fall, although the $75 fee will only be assessed if FBS approval is granted and the conference is invited to a new division. An FBS conference would then have willingly extend an invitation to Georgia Southern in order for them to officially become an FBS school.

Additionally, Georgia Southern approved a $25 fee to expand the Allen E. Paulson Football Stadium by over 6,300 season. Head coach Jeff Monken seemed quite thrilled at the announcement.