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Geno Smith, WVU putting up ridiculous stats

Midway through the third quarter, Baylor and West Virginia have combined for 84 points. They had 70 at the half, and neither defense looks too interested in putting up a fight. Add it all up and you've got ridiculous stat lines that are sure to grow to even more ridiculous levels before this game is over.

  • Geno Smith is 34-of-38 for 436 yards and six touchdowns. There's still nine minutes left in the third quarter.
  • That's more touchdowns than incompletions for Smith, also known as the Robert Griffin III stat.
  • Marc Bulger held the school record for touchdowns in a game, but Smith is threatening to put the thing out of reach. The record was six, and Smith has already tied it. The way we're going, Smith could get into double-digits
  • Tavon Austin: 12 catches for 204 yards and two touchdowns.
  • Stedman Bailey: Nine catches for 126 yards and three touchdowns
  • J.D. Woods: 10 catches for 85 yards and a touchdown
  • West Virginia has 532 total yards so far, 436 of which have come through the air.
  • Andrew Buie has 66 yards on 14 carries, so West Virginia could pile a 100-yard rusher on top of all this.

The game isn't out of reach by any means, meaning there's no reason for Dana Holgorsen to take his foot off the gas (as if he would anyway). Everyone just sit back and watch the show.