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Questionable Texas touchdown accompanied by Oklahoma State sadness

Texas took the late lead against Oklahoma State on a touchdown that ... well, it wasn't 100 percent a definite touchdown, that's for sure.

David Ash led Texas on a game-winning drive against Oklahoma State, completing four straight passes and setting up a two-yard touchdown run by Joe Bergeron. That's what the run was called, at least. Officials reviewed the play and determined there wasn't enough evidence to call it anything else, even though it appeared to many that he fumbled.

Have a look for yourself!


I have no idea, man. That's the strongest stance I can offer here. It looks like the ball's peeking out right around the time his elbows strike, but we'll never really know whether it came out early or not. Maybe we will. Strong stances, I'm saying.

One thing I do know: it was all set up by this catch by Mike Davis, which features a very forlorn Pistol Pete in the background.


Cheer up, Pistol Pete.

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