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Hit of 2013, already: Jadeveon Clowney obliterates Michigan

If this is what happens when referees screw over South Carolina ... Michigan might want to hope that doesn't happen any more. Also, go read Andy Staples' piece on the hit at SI.


Jadeveon Clowney hasn't had his most destructive game against Michigan in the Outback Bowl. Being lined up across from Taylor Lewan will tend to do that. But after refs gifted Michigan a first down when the ball was very clearly inches short of the chains, the next play ... oh my.

That's a very big, very tall man getting very low and putting the entire force of his personality right where it belongs. That might sound romantic. I'm sorry.

More from Spencer Hall: There is no understanding Jadeveon Clowney's hit.

And then he palmed the ball with one hand. Hello, ball. This all resulted in a Gamecocks touchdown, maybe the game-winner. Hell of a sequence.

Former No. 1 recruit. Likely No. 1 draft pick. Heisman frontrunner now?

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