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Stanford football: Cardinal pound their way to Rose Bowl lead

Stanford's power game, and the space it creates downfield, has opened up an early gap in Pasadena.


The Stanford Cardinal entered the 2013 Rose Bowl as significant favorites, thanks to, well, not losing five games so far this year. With Kevin Hogan in charge of the offense, the Cardinal have been able to get back to their multi-pronged attack from the Andrew Luck years. Not that Hogan is Luck, but he has competencies in many of the same skills.

Stanford's averaging 6.8 yards per carry on the ground, led by Stepfan Taylor's 34, with Hogan's wheels turning one loss into a minor gain. But it was deep throws to Zach Ertz and Jamal-Rashad Patterson that set up two ferocious touchdown runs by Taylor and Kelsey Young.

Above is the catch by Patterson, which came on a play Wisconsin was in very good position to defend. It was either a perfect throw or a very awkward throw, depending on how you look at it, and had Patterson not gotten a hand on it, could've been picked off. He got two hands on it, as you can see.

So far, Montee Ball has been Wisconsin's offense, with 43 yards on six carries.

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