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Vanderbilt coach James Franklin's business card is cool, as far as business cards go

James Franklin won nine games at Vanderbilt, and also has a cool business card.

I can only think of one reason a college football coach would need a business card: to have a business card cool enough that a recruit will say "hey, that's a really cool business card!"

James Franklin of Vanderbilt is covered in that department:

That's not even the really cool part - the V logo detaches and is actually A VANDERBILT THROWING STAR. Seriously, everything about James Franklin is pretty great, including the fact that he led Vanderbilt to nine wins, a bowl win, and a top 25 ranking at the end of the year.

Oh, and the other reason a head football coach would want to have a business card is to hand to opposing coaches in post-game handshakes after they win. "Hey, Derek, I'm James: here's my card."

(Missouri quarterback James Franklin's calling card is an interception against Florida.)