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San Diego State staying in Mountain West, according to ESPN

The Big East West may be no more after San Diego State has decided to stay at home.


San Diego State will remain a member of the Mountain West Conference, according to Brett McMurphy. The Aztecs were pegged for a move to the Big East, but the league continues to lose schools seemingly on a daily basis.

When SDSU committed to joining the Big East, it was going to line up with Boise State, Rutgers, Pittsburgh, and Syracuse to give the league some semblance of respectability. All four of those schools have since backed out of joining or left. Boise State will be staying in the Mountain West with San Diego State.

The Mountain West looked to be getting the raw end of most of the conference realignment talk, with top members TCU, BYU, and Utah leaving after Boise State was added. Now, with SDSU and BSU returning, along with the additions of a host of WAC schools, the MWC will be big enough to hold a conference title game. That means more TV money and more exposure for all schools involved.