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Shane Beamer celebrates Logan Thomas 'commit,' Twitter police are ON IT

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A coach was accused of a NCAA recruiting violation for talking about a player on his current roster.

Not actually a high schooler.
Not actually a high schooler.

After starting quarterback Logan Thomas announced live on ESPNU that he'd return for his senior season:

Hours later:

For college coaches, talking about a high school player publicly is off-limits, as it's a NCAA recruiting violation. But surprisingly, talking about a player who is not a recruit is not a recruiting violation.

I don't really know if everyone who alerted the masses to Beamer's CHEATIN' was joking or not, but ...

Also, as for that #BeatBama hashtag (which we believe to have been started up among Virginia Tech fans by friend of the program @TheKeyPlay)? Your sass won't get you very far there either: