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NCAA rule changes eliminate many recruiting restrictions

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On Saturday, NCAA officials announced the elimination of rules against coaches texting recruits, sending printed materials and more.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

In an effort to streamline its manual, the NCAA announced a set of rule changes on Saturday, including the elimination of rules against coaches sending text messages and printed materials to potential recruits.

Until the rule changes, restrictions were placed on certain methods and modes of communication between coaches and recruits. Coaches were also required to send data on graduation rates and a list of banned substances to prospective student-athletes, but weren't allowed to send any other type of printed materials.

Those rules, as well as others, have been widely viewed as unnecessary, an opinion that caught the attention of NCAA officials during the streamlining process, according to NCAA President Mark Emmert:

"Some of our rules are counterintuitive, outdated and just unenforceable. They don't make sense in the world we live in. We are refocusing on the things that really matter, the threats to integrity, and the biggest issues facing intercollegiate athletics."

Also included in the newly-adopted proposals, which will be effective Aug. 1, are a number of rule changes related to the compensation for actual and necessary expenses for student-athletes, such as schools being able to pay for medical expenses, career counseling, personal development services and more.