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2013 Sugar Bowl update: Teddy Bridgewater, Louisville have Florida on upset alert

We knew Teddy Bridgewater is very good.


But did we know Florida's defense, which ranked No. 5 in total defense, would have this hard of a time stopping him? We surely did not. The Cards lead, 24-3, just ahead of halftime, with Bridgewater slinging for 180 yards and a touchdown on 17 attempts.

The above score, at the hands of DeVante Parker, has put Florida fans in a very dark place, as there's no sign whatsoever of the Gators' offense being able to score 21 points, let alone Bridgewater slowing down. Watch as he plants one foot with authority inside the Superdome white stripe to make it count -- that's a pass that was essentially impossible to defend, but plenty of credit goes to Parker as well for making an amazing catch.

Bridgewater's sprayed the ball all over, with completions to eight receivers already. Parker has two catches for 32 yards

Louisville has an 83-yard scoring drive. With just under three minutes to go in the first half, Florida had 75 yards all total, though they did finally get it moving a little bit just before the half. We knew Florida's offense is very bad. Did we think it was that bad? That's another thing we did not think.

Florida eventually secured a touchdown as the half ended to make it 24-10, needing a trick play to do it. Stone Cold hated it:

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