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Florida's worst onside kick ever, against Louisville in Sugar Bowl

An onside kick risks field position. A Florida onside kick risks so much more.


Florida deployed surprise underdog tactics against Louisville both to end the first half and to open the second half. The former worked, producing a touchdown. The latter did not. Boy, did it not.

Here we have a post-onside kick kerfuffle that saw the Gators draw two personal fouls, Chris Johnson (who's listed as a "key member of the kickoff unit") get ejected and Louisville granted exquisite field position. Teddy Bridgewater took immediate advantage, lofting a 19-yard touchdown pass to Damian Copeland, making it 30-10 in favor of the actual underdogs.

Florida tried the kickoff thing again shortly after, with Louisville covering the Gators' kick return with extreme emotion and purpose. The Sugar Bowl has all but been won by the Big East.

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