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Mississippi State, Ole Miss coaches have Twitter spat

Is Ole Miss assistant coach Chris Kiffin taking a job with the Dallas Cowboys? Mississippi State assistant Tim Brewster seems to think so.

Spruce Derden-US PRESSWIRE

With national signing day approaching, we are fully immersed in college football's silly season. As coaching staffs across the country scramble to assemble the best recruiting classes they can, things are bound to get a little crazy. On Sunday, a Twitter back-and-forth between Mississippi State assistant Tim Brewster and Ole Miss assistant Chris Kiffin happened. That's an odd sentence to type, but here we are.

Brewster got things started by suggesting that Kiffin was taking a job with the Dallas Cowboys, who recently hired his father, Monte.

This has obvious recruiting implications, what with these two schools battling over some of the same prospects. Kiffin was quick to quash the rumor that he was moving to the Cowboys, and he managed to get a shot in at Mississippi State in the process.

The Rebels beat Mississippi State this season, 41-24. It was Kiffin's first year at Ole Miss, where he is the defensive line coach and recruiting coordinator.

The Twitter exchange stopped there, unfortunately, but Brewster has since taken the time to give one lucky fan a RT.