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Bo Pelini allegedly Pelinis Nebraska decommit Dominic Walker

The Nebraska head coach allegedly expressed himself in a certain way to a recruit who was calling to tell him he was decommitting from the Huskers.

Eric Francis

Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini is known for having a bit of a temper. Choose a random Saturday in the fall, and chances are good that you can see Pelini blow his top on the sideline, either towards the officials or his own players.

One would think that he'd add a little bit of sugar to his demeanor during the recruiting process, but according to the Orlando Sentinel, that isn't exactly the case. When wide receiver Dominic Walker de-committed from the Cornhuskers this past week, he called the Nebraska staff to give them the bad news. Pelini reportedly did not take it well:

"It was a very tough decision. They were [mad]. They were very mad. But I thought I had to call them like a real man shoould," Walker said. "But yeah, they were mad. Coach Pelini said, 'Best of luck, you're going to need it.' "

Nebraska's doing alright in recruiting this year, and currently stands with a recruiting class ranked around 20, depending on which recruiting service you're looking at.