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College Food Fight Tournament: Vote on the Big 12's restaurant representatives

It's time to crown the most college football restaurant chain in the land. Vote below for the Big 12's seeds, and find the ballots for our other four conferences here.

We're sad there aren't really any big barbecue chains too, Big Jay.
We're sad there aren't really any big barbecue chains too, Big Jay.
Jamie Squire

You are looking live at the Big 12's ballot for the 2013 College Food Fight Tournament, which seeks to discover which chain restaurants are most tied with which conferences and which chain is the most college football of them all. It's only January! THIS IS HOW BORED WE GET WITHOUT FOOTBALL.

Vote below in order to seed the bracket, and breeze through the rules if you like. Lobby with all your might in the comments below, as this is the most important thing happening right now.


  • Chain restaurants only. Your campus' landmark restaurant is a civic treasure, but it's not really a conference thing.
  • Local, somewhat local or generally regional-ish chains only. Nobody can really claim Burger King.
  • We're starting with 60 restaurants. A massive public outcry for a restaurant not included in the initial 60 could, however, change the course of history.


  • Monday: Five ballots will be posted, with 12 restaurants listed for each of the five power football conferences. (This covers just about the entire country, except parts of New England and the Rocky Mountains and such. Write your congressperson.) Public voting will determine the rankings within each conference.
  • Tuesday: The top 32 vote-getters from Monday will be seeded accordingly in a bracket. Each matchup will be turned over to the public for voting.
  • Wednesday: The Sw-EAT Sixteen.
  • Thursday: The El-EAT Eight.
  • Friday: The Final Four-EAT.
  • Weekend: The big dance for all the roses. We'll crown a champion Monday morning.

Look through SB Nation's many excellent college football blogs to find your team's community.