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Charlie Strong and the best moment from the Sugar Bowl

In the hubbub following the Sugar Bowl, Charlie Strong found his wife. And it was a pretty fantastic moment.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The best moment from Wednesday night's Sugar Bowl didn't happen during the game. Sure, it was a great night for Louisville -- a team that played its butt off and pulled off the biggest upset, odds wise, in BCS bowl history. But something even better happened after the game.

In the sea of people on the field, Charlie Strong found his wife. And the look on his face when he did was absolutely priceless.


It's pretty hard not to root for Charlie Strong, especially after seeing this. Combine his moment of jubilation upon seeing his wife with the fact that Florida players went out of their way to track him down after the game and offer him congratulations, and it speaks a lot to his character.

You can see the full video of Strong in the swarm of people on the field after the Sugar Bowl over at Card Chronicle. The second video features him finding his wife, as well as the line of Florida players offering him hugs.

Well done, Coach Strong. Pretty fantastic.