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James Franklin vows to outwork Alabama's 'Nicky Satan'

Vanderbilt's coach defers to no man or fallen angel.

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Update: James Franklin has apologized for summoning the wrath of Satan.

The list of things Vanderbilt head coach James Franklin is afraid of is very short. As short as Nick Saban himself.

Not only does Franklin have no problem with revealing the Alabama coach's true, dark form as Beelzebub, Mankind's Eternal Deceiver and Lord of the Eternally Damned ("There's this guy at Alabama, I think his name is Nicky Satan. You guys have probably heard of him before. I'm going to outwork him."), he's also afraid of neither the lightless hellbeast Mephistopheles itself nor its minion of twisted adherents roiling in pungent anguish until and beyond the death of the last star.

Roll Tide.

Also, Vanderbilt ranks No. 20 in Rivals' 2013 recruiting rankings despite being Vanderbilt, so Franklin has a very good case to make for having worked about as hard as the Demented Torturer of Worlds himself so far.

ht Tom Fornelli, though I will correct his claim that, "you're in Georgia, nobody is "down" in Alabama. He's simply to the west." No Georgian will ever accept being put upon an equal plane with Alabama. Fiddling with the geography would be the correct recruiting maneuver.