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Johnny Manziel tiptoes for Texas A&M touchdown to open Cotton Bowl

Johnny Tightrope!


So far, Texas A&M's offensive gameplan against Oklahoma has been to run Ben Malena up the middle (that's working) and to let Johnny Manziel be Johnny Manziel (that's also working). The Heisman Trophy winner has 52 yards rushing after just one drive, breaking two for long gains, including one broken play and this scamper (unquestionably a scamper) up the sideline.

How 'bout that Heisman hangover?

After review, officials ruled he did indeed stay inbounds, and of course he did. There was an opportunity for points to be scored in the Cotton Bowl. As if Cotton Bowl points would ever not be scored!

What can Oklahoma do about this? It can score. That's pretty much it. /twiddles thumbs

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