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Texas A&M trick play sets up another Johnny Manziel Cotton Bowl touchdown

The Aggies offense clearly isn't capable of moving the ball without resorting to trickery. I'm being sarcastic.


Here we have a Texas A&M (/inhales) play action end around wide receiver pass from Kenric McNeal to Mike Evans, just McNeal's third pass attempt of his college career and his second completion. It went for 20 yards, setting up Johnny Manziel's second rushing touchdown of the Cotton Bowl.

As Manziel went over 100 yards rushing with about 40 minutes left in the game, it's clear A&M doesn't need a whole lot of help racking up yardage, but now they've given Oklahoma another couple dozen things to fret about on every snap.

The closest the Sooners have to a trick play so far: have quarterback Blake Bell throw a pass! He's attempted 20. His one in this game didn't do anything.

It's now 14-6, Texas A&M.

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