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Johnny Manziel with a fistful of dollars: Everyone freak out

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A college football player is holding cash. He should never touch that stuff! He should provide entertainment for us without ever so much as knowing the scent of money.

Instagram user jmanziel2

Johnny Manziel had Heat-Mavs courtside seats a couple weeks ago. It was a big deal, even though it shouldn't have been. And now we have the above photograph, captioned, "Casino ballin!" which Manziel tweeted Saturday night before deleting. (And following it with this.)

There's a NCAA styuuudent-athalete in possession of money, which, great! His folks are believed to be wealthy. So there you go. It does not appear to be a NCAA rules concern -- Bylaw 10.3 forbids gambling, but only gambling on college sports.

What I really want to point out here is that Miami Heat hat. This makes two straight JOHNNY CHARACTER CONCERNS incidents involving the Heat. We're cultivating a magnificent troll here on the order of Chris Bosh himself, I believe.

Also, Manziel is 20 years old. According to Twitter, he's in Oklahoma. The legal gambling age at some Oklahoma casinos is 18, so nothing necessarily to see there either.

Speaking of, from Friday night: