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2013 BCS National Championship update in a single image

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Hopefully Alabama won't have to write any letters this time after suplexing Notre Dame all over the place.


Alabama just abused Notre Dame in every element of the game (including officiating, am I right?) through the first quarter, and that physicality is not something the Fighting Irish were used to this year. Say what you will about the Irish's schedule, but no team matched the kind of sheer strength the Crimson Tide have on both sides of the ball.

If you decided to watch WWE instead of the National Championship, more power to you. But if you DVR'd it instead to watch college football for the last time this season, you at least got a taste of that Kurt Angle style.

You'll remember when Alabama was a little too rough with Missouri, LaMichael Fanning had to write an apology letter. But there'll be plenty of time for letter-writing, assuming of course the Crimson Tide can hold pens with those Championship rings weighing them down.

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