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Darnell Dockett wants to take A.J. McCarron's girlfriend to Wingstop

UPDATE: There's more below.


So, this happened:

That's Arizona Cardinals' defensive tackle and former Florida State Seminole Darnell Dockett, a multi-year Pro Bowler, tweeting a phone number to Katherine Webb, the girlfriend of Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron who is growing more popular by the minute, as Brent Musberger gave her an awkward shoutout during the National Championship broadcast on ESPN.

To whom does the number belong? A pop warner cheerleading coach in Maryland, as far as we can tell. Its voice mailbox is full. Yes, we called it. Awkward.

For his part, Dockett claims the tweet was supposed to be a direct message and has since deleted it.

Not sure why Dockett is asking the former Miss Alabama to call a youth cheerleading coach in Maryland, but this is the guy who once tweeted about how the love he would make with Oprah Winfrey would be, "hotter than fish grease."

Later that night: