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2013 BCS National Championship results: Alabama claims 15th, Notre Dame embarrassed

SEC schadenfreude will have to wait another year.

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Alabama beat the shit out of Notre Dame. I really don't know any more appropriate way to put it.

It was 28-0 at the half, 35-0 before the Irish scored and 42-14, the final score, when Alabama pulled its starters. (It was probably like 7-0 when Bama fans started lining up for championship T-shirts.) The Tide demolished Notre Dame up and down the box score, dominating the eyeball test and score sheet from start to finish. It was ugly, unfair and hard to watch without feeling bad for the Irish -- and that's insane to say about one of the most esteemed programs in the country. The only real competition: Barrett Jones and A.J. McCarron getting into a scuffle while up by 35.

Eddie Lacy was named the offensive MVP, bowling for 157 total yards and two total touchdowns, like so:


The defensive MVP was the entire defense, hopefully, which limited the Irish to 302 yards.

A.J. McCarron's offense accumulated 529 yards worth of offense on the No. 6 defense in the country, with McCarron himself compiling 264 and four touchdowns through the air.

The real horror: Nick Saban, who's now won three of the last four BCS National Championships, will enter next year as the coach of the No. 1 program. He was asked about his sentiments after the game, and, hand to God, he invoked, "24-hour rule." McCarron's coming back, as is a ton of talent despite another NFL Draft flood. The Tide will roll as long as it has to.

The unquestioned best team in the country, again. I don't know if Oregon or Georgia or Texas A&M could've beaten the Tide on a neutral field Monday night, but it sure didn't look like anybody could've.

The chants. Again.

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