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Jim Mora rumors: UCLA football likely to keep their coach

The UCLA Bruins are doing all they can to keep head coach Jim Mora, including planning new football facilities and raising the pay of assistant coaches.


The San Diego Chargers have reportedly been in contact with UCLA head coach Jim Mora as they look for the right coach to replace the recently fired Norv Turner. However, UCLA isn't about to let Mora go so easily. They're ready to do plenty to placate the Bruins head coach.

Chris Foster of the Los Angeles Times reports that the UCLA athletic department is ready to prove they're dedicated to keeping the winning going in Westwood. UCLA plans to put together the resources for a new football facility that'll keep the Bruins competitive with the rest of the Pac-12. The Bruins also will aim to boost the salaries of assistant coaches (including offensive line coach and key recruiter Adrian Klemm) to ensure long-term stability on the staff.

There has been plenty of chatter regarding Mora after the one year job he did with the Bruins. UCLA finished 9-5 on the year and came within one win of the Rose Bowl. They also beat teams like USC, Arizona and Nebraska en route to a Holiday Bowl bid. You can see why the Chargers might be interested in picking him, but you can also understand why the Bruins would want to keep him.