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New Boca Raton college football bowl to rotate between 3 conferences

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The MAC, Conference USA and AAC will play in the new bowl.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The previously-reported Boca Raton Bowl is now a reality. The Mid-American Conference announced the creation of the Bowl Friday morning in an official release.

The game will be played at Florida Atlantic's stadium and will rotate between teams in the MAC, Conference USA and the American Athletic Conference. The game will start in 2014 with a MAC team playing against a Conference USA team. In 2015, a MAC team will square off against an AAC school.

The game is owned and operated by ESPN and will be broadcast nationally on the network.

Bowls in the Bahamas and Miami are expected to be announced soon. Many teams from the smaller conferences have been snubbed by the bowl system -- like Louisiana Tech and their top-ranked offense in 2012, despite a nine-win season. Those conferences are now getting together to create their own bowl games, guaranteeing their teams a postseason slot.

New bowls are also reportedly coming to Little Rock, Montgomery and Los Angeles.