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Michigan paid $6,700 for 'Go Blue' skywriting above Michigan State stadium

But Michigan doesn't care about its rivalry with Michigan State.


Michigan likes to point out the insignificance of Michigan State and how little the rivalry with the Spartans means to the Wolverines. So when a skywriter spelled out "GO BLUE" above Spartans Stadium on Sept. 14 -- when MSU was playing Youngstown State, not Michigan -- it sort of disqualified the notion that Michigan doesn't care about State. As it turns out, the university itself paid $6,700 for the pro-Michigan message in the sky, according to the Detroit News.

"Nope, we don't care about the Spartans, don't even think about 'em. Know how we're going to prove it? We're gonna rent a damn skywriting airplane to paint 'GO BLUE' across the sky the next time Michigan State has a home game. That'll show 'em how little we care. That's how a Michigan Man does it."

Sure, Michigan-Ohio State is a bigger deal, but it's OK to admit you have negative feelings toward your in-state rival, Wolverines. You've played them 105 times, after all. Negative feelings toward rivals are part of what makes college sports fun. Embrace it.

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