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Nebraska’s Stanley Jean-Baptiste got ejected for targeting

And this ejection stood after replay, too.

Big Ten Network

Nebraska cornerback Stanley Jean-Baptiste was ejected for this hit on Purdue running back Dalyn Dawkins. Take a look.

It looks like Jean-Baptiste made contact with his shoulder, not his helmet, but his ejection stood after review. ENHANCE.


GIF credit: BTN

However, for every view that makes it look like a clean hit, there's another that makes it look like it was a good call.

The targeting rule has come under a lot of criticism this season, mostly from ejections on hits like this one. It's difficult for a referee to make a snap call like this at full speed, perhaps too difficult when a penalty as tough as an ejection is on the line.

The Huskers are up 14-0 in the second quarter, and they probably won't miss Jean-Baptiste too much against the Boilermakers.

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