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USA Today college football Coaches Poll: FSU, Missouri, Louisville rising

Seven ranked teams lost in a busy Week 7. Where did the chips fall in the resulting poll? One week until this poll factors into the BCS.

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It was (un)lucky number seven for many college football teams this weekend, as seven ranked teams lost in Week 7 of the season, including three schools ranked in the top ten of the Coaches' Poll. Via USA Today's Facebook page:

Ranking Team Last week
1 Alabama 1
2 Oregon 2
3 Ohio State 3
4 Clemson 4
5 Florida State 6
6 Louisville 8
7 Texas A&M 9
8 LSU 11
9 South Carolina 12
10 UCLA 13
11 Miami 14
12 Baylor 15
13 Stanford 5
14 Missouri NR
15 Texas Tech 21
16 Georgia 7
17 Oklahoma State 20
18 Oklahoma 10
19 Fresno State 22
20 Virginia Tech 25
21 Nebraska 24
22 Florida 17
23 Northern Illinois 23
24 Michigan 16
25 Washington 19
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Stanford, Georgia and Oklahoma each see dramatic drops in their status, as the three top ten teams lost (including losses to unranked Utah and Texas for Stanford and Oklahoma). Missouri, who beat Georgia quite easily Saturday afternoon, finally enters the Coaches' Poll after their undefeated start was snubbed for weeks and weeks.

LSU moves into the Top Ten after an ugly win over Florida, and Michigan and Northwestern both fall after losses to unranked teams. Not much movement for Florida and Washington, however, who both lost to highly-ranked opponents.

The Coaches' Poll is supposedly voted on by coaches, who are busy coaching their teams during game day, but is instead most likely voted on by people in the media relations department, who are also busy working with their teams on game day. Regardless, the poll counts in the BCS rankings.

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