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Oklahoma vs. Texas 2013 reaction: Longhorn defense shows up big in Red River Rivalry

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Texas shocked the world with their huge rivalry win, and the two fan bases have had expectedly opposite reactions.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Texas pulled off a shocker in this season's Red River Rivalry, rebounding from a disappointing start to the season to blow out the Oklahoma Sooners in Dallas, 36-20.

The teams traded field goals to start out the game, but Texas scored the first touchdown when Blake Bell threw a pass right into the arms of Chris Whaley, who returned it 31 yards for a touchdown.

The Longhorns really separated from the Sooners over the second and third quarters, with a combined margin of 26-10 over their rivals. Case McCoy found Marcus Johnson for a 59-yard pass, Anthony Fera hit two long field goals, Dajae Johnson had an incredible 85-yard punt return and McCoy connected with Mike Davis for a 38-yard score.

Jordan Esco of Crimson and Cream Machine had serious questions for Bob Stoops's gameplan, especially with regards to the Sooners' inability to execute against a poor Longhorn rush defense.

Texas has been horrible stopping the run against even the most average of rushing attacks.  OU and Heupel didn't allow a single running back more than seven carries in the game.

Texas has looked helpless defending the zone read and yet OU did not make it a focus of their offense, possibly because when they did call it Bell repeatedly made the wrong read.

It was, quite frankly, one of the dumbest possible game plans someone could have created for this game.  I'm not entirely sure if your intention was to do the exact opposite of everything you should do that someone could have recreated what Heupel did Saturday.

Peter Bean of Burnt Orange Nation gave credit to defensive coordinator Greg Robinson for his scheme against the Sooners.

Schematically, Robinson's game plan was a smart allocation of risk and deployment of resources: dropping the former tailback Whaley into coverage on the zone blitz was a terrific call; the use of Duke Thomas in coverage and Adrian Phillips at the line of scrimmage reflected a keen understanding of how to optimally utilize both players; and the role Robinson crafted for Diggs allowed him to thrive in performance commensurate with his talent. If we were handing out grades, Robinson earned an A+ for his performance on Saturday.

Scipio Tex of Barking Carnival said the entire defensive unit played well, leading the Longhorns to a crucial rivalry victory.

The secondary was outstanding, with Adrian Phillips excelling as a run force and Duke Thomas thriving in single coverage.  The Texas LBs competed - they put together a mixed bag of film, but Dalton Santos really made some nice plays before his injury.  I was particularly impressed with the Texas DL - Jeffcoat and Reed won their battles (Reed is probably my current midseason MVP), Whaley scored an extraordinarily opportunistic TD on a zone blitz drop back, and M Brown continued his push for All-Conference honors inside.

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