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Cincinnati returns interception 95 yards for a touchback wait what

That's entirely too much running for a whole lot of nothing.

Rob Leifheit-USA TODAY Sports

He was almost there. Cincinnati's Mike Tyson picked off UConn quarterback Tim Boyle's pass at the Cincinnati five yard line, and he looked like he was going to take it back for a touchdown. And then, this happened.

Deshon Foxx didn't give up on the play and caught up to Tyson, hacking the ball out of his arms before he could cross the goal line. No one was able to land on the ball in the end zone, and it skipped out the back for a UConn touchback. The Bearcats are up big over the Huskies, so despite saving the touchdown, the game is probably in hand for Cincinnati.

Your hustle is noted, Mr. Foxx, and Don Beebe most assuredly salutes you.

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