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Florida State fakes punt with 35-0 lead, and it works

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And then two plays later it was a 42-0 game.

Jimbo Fisher and Florida State are merciless. The Seminoles had a 35-0 lead over visiting North Carolina State with the second quarter winding down, and FSU faced a 4th and 7 at its 49. Being that Florida State had already punted from the NCSU 38 on 4th and 2, it appeared this would just be another routine punt and whoops no never mind:



That's 17 yards, that's a first down, and two plays later RB Devonta Freeman waltzed into the end zone for a touchdown.

As fake punts go this wasn't anything special. As a gesture in a 35-point game it's a giant middle finger with "YOLO" painted on it. But as analyst Chris Spielman said afterwards, FSU coach Jimbo Fisher "can't worry about the feelings of NC State." Never a good sign when the color commentator is mentioning your team's feelings.

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