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ESPN's David Pollack makes unwise comment on women in college football

As you might have guessed, fellow GameDayer Sam Ponder was not pleased.

screencap via Twitter
screencap via Twitter

On College GameDay, analyst David Pollack—a former Georgia All-American DE—voiced his opinion that people that hadn't played college football shouldn't be allowed on the new college football playoff committee. When GameDay host Chris Fowler seized on that idea and asked if that meant that women (like Condi Rice, a reported member) shouldn't be allowed on the committee, Pollack hunkered down and stuck to it.

As you might have guessed, ESPN's female staffers were not terribly amused. Here's Sam Ponder unloading on Pollack on Twitter immediately afterward:

The worst part is that this isn't just an isolated, ill-conceived idea for Pollack; it's something of a pattern. Recall his recent comments about new rules designed to protect players, via the New York Post:

"When there's an interception, there is one guy we look up - that's the quarterback. And your objective is to absolutely kill him, because there are so many rules, now, where they put skirts on these guys."

You know, skirts. Like what women wear. Gross, horrible women.

So, a helpful note to Mr. Pollack: It shouldn't need to be said in 2013, but for crying out loud, women are people too. As people, they're capable of being as smart as men, and they're capable of being as dumb as men. They're capable of being well-informed and logical enough to serve on a college football playoff committee, and they're capable of being moronic and ignorant. Like Pollack's comments.

Update: Pollack later amended his thoughts.

Video via For The Win.

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