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Fresno State coach accuses Idaho's Petrino of late hits, wants 100 points

Tim DeRuyter has strong words for the Vandals' head coach.

Marco Garcia-USA TODAY Sports

Fresno State took a 47-0 lead over Idaho into halftime, and there appeared to be extra motive for the Bulldogs to run up the score on their lowly opponent. Fresno State head coach Tim DeRuyter has accused Idaho coach Paul Petrino of asking his players to hit Bulldog players late, in particular quarterback Derek Carr.

This is obviously a serious accusation, and one that will continue to get attention through the remainder of the Vandals' schedule.

Carr tore the Idaho defense apart, passing for more than 400 yards and five touchdowns. The Vandals are one of the worst teams in the FBS, coming into the game 1-4 with only a close win over winless Temple to their name. Fresno State won the game 61-14.

This is not the first time Petrino has come under fire from an opposing coach. Two weeks ago, Mike Leach screamed at him during their post-game handshake, and you can make out the expletives yourself.


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After the game, both coaches were asked about what occurred both during the game and after.

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