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Phil Knight trades his Oregon gear for Alabama colors

Phil Knight was decked out in Alabama gear on Saturday, but it had nothing to do with Oregon's loss.

Steve Dykes

On most college football Saturdays, you'll be able to find Phil Knight decked out in Oregon colors. On this Saturday, the Nike chairman traded in his green and yellow for some Alabama crimson and white.

Knight was in Tuscaloosa for Alabama's matchup with LSU. He was spotted on the sidelines before the game wearing an Alabama sweatshirt and hat.

The timing of Knight's trip is interesting as it came just two days after Oregon lost its first game of the season and was likely knocked out of the National Championship race. Could Knight be jumping bandwagons to the No. 1 Crimson Tide? Not exactly.

The trip to Alabama wasn't a last-second venture following Oregon's loss. Knight told The Stanford Daily he tries to attend as many college football games as possible each year and was planning to attend the Alabama-LSU game even before Oregon kicked off against Stanford.

There is also the fact Alabama is one of dozens of schools sponsored by Nike.

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